OrderDraftBuilder Methods

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The OrderDraftBuilder type exposes the following members.


Public methodAsAutomatic
Public methodAsManual
Set Manual
Public methodBuild
Create a OrderDraft
Public methodValidate
This method checks whether order draft properties are filled valid and draft is ready to create.
Public methodWithAccountID
Public methodWithAllocationBlock
Public methodWithComments
Public methodWithContractID
Public methodWithCustomCompound
Public methodWithDeltaTicks
Public methodWithDeltaTicks2
Public methodWithEnd
Set [!:OrderDraft.End]
Public methodWithExecutionInstruction
Public methodWithFlags
Set [!:OrderDraft.Flags]
Public methodWithIceberg
Public methodWithOrderType
Set [!:OrderDraft.Type]
Public methodWithPrice
Set [!:OrderDraft.Price]
Public methodWithPrice2
Set [!:OrderDraft.Price2]
Public methodWithQuantity
Set [!:OrderDraft.Quantity]
Public methodWithSenderLocation
Public methodWithSide
Set Side
Public methodWithStart
Set [!:OrderDraft.Start]
Public methodWithSubmissionType
Public methodWithTag50
Set Tag50
Public methodWithTrailingStop
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