IStringsApi Methods

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The IStringsApi type exposes the following members.


Public methodAvgPriceToString
Formats price by deriving tick size from the price format or by using given tick size if it is less.
Public methodCreatePriceIntern(Int32, Int32, Double, NullableDouble)
Constructs formatter using given format specifiers value and default min/max values (0, 1e9)
Public methodCreatePriceIntern(IContract, NullableDouble, Double, Double)
Constructs a formatter using contract format specifiers and given value
Public methodCreatePriceIntern(Int32, Int32, Double, NullableDouble, Double, Double)
Construct the formatter using given format specifiers, value and min/max value
Public methodDraftToString
Get string representation of order draft
Public methodFormatKiloNumber
Formats integer value.
Public methodGetContractMonthChar
Gets the month character associated with the month number.
Public methodGetContractMonthNumber
Gets the month number associated with the month character.
Public methodGetPriceMask
Returns a string representing input mask for given format and tick PriceFormatTickSize
Public methodParseKiloNumber
Parses (collapsed) integer value.
Public methodParsePrice
Parses text price according to contract price format.
Public methodPriceToString
Formats price using given format specifiers PriceFormat
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