ICommand Properties

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The ICommand type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAppSoftware
Name of 3rd party application that placed this command
Public propertyExchangeOrderID
Exchange Order ID or null for cancel commands
Public propertyID
Command identifier
Public propertyOrder
Owning order
Public propertyResultComments
Comments of (unsuccessful) execution
Public propertyResultTimestamp
Timestamp of execution, UTC
Public propertyState
Current command state
Public propertySubmissionType
Was this order manually executed?
Public propertyTimestamp
Command creation timestamp, UTC
Public propertyType
Current command state
Public propertyTypeState
Gets the verbal interpretation of state depending of type for example "Created", "Modified", "Cancelling", "Cancel failed" etc
Public propertyVersion
Associated version (for create/modify command) or null - for cancel commands
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