IVersion Interface

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IOrder version - contains variable parameters of an order.

Namespace:  GF.Api.Orders.Versions
Assembly:  GF.Api (in GF.Api.dll) Version: dd7171be68430789135ec75c4e9f4bbfeca31201

public interface IVersion : IComparable

The IVersion type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCommand
associated create or modify command
Public propertyComments
Version comments (not used)
Public propertyDeltaTicks
Defines the difference between Price of the linked order and the main order in ticks.
Public propertyDeltaTicks2
Defines the difference between Price2 of the linked order and the main order in ticks.
Public propertyEnd
Execution stop time, UTC
Public propertyExecInst
ExecInst: All Or Nothing
Public propertyFlags
Order execution flags
Public propertyIcebergData
Iceberg order parameters
Public propertyID
Server identifier
Public propertyPrice
Order limit/stop price
Public propertyPrice2
Current order limit price for STPLMT orders
Public propertyQuantity
Order quantity
Public propertyStart
Execution start time, UTC
Public propertyTrailingStopData
Trailing Stop order parameters
Public propertyType
Order type

Public methodGetTypePriceString
Get order type, price and flags as string. e.g. "STP 1 LMT 2 GTC"

Order can have multiple versions, if it was modified. Initial version of order is associated with create Command, all others - with their modify commands.
Version of last successful modify command, or initial version is an order current version.
All the variable order properties are retrieved from order current version, so Quantity has the same value as Order.Versions.Quantity.
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