OrderState Enumeration

GF API Documentation
State of order.

Namespace:  GF.Api.Values.Orders
Assembly:  GF.Api.Values (in GF.Api.Values.dll) Version: dd7171be68430789135ec75c4e9f4bbfeca31201

public enum OrderState

  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Order was not sent
Sent1 Order sent to server, awaiting confirmation
Accepted2 Order accepted by risk system. Optional.
Held3 Order is waiting to be accepted or released
Working4 Order is active
Completed5 Order is (partially) filled and completed
Cancelled6 Order was canceled
Rejected7 Order was rejected
Unknown8 Order state unknown - error occurred
Suspended9 Order is held in a queue and will be released during the market pre-open.

Basic state diagram for order lifetime.
            Sent -> [Held] -> [Accepted] -> Working -> Completed.
\-> Rejected <-/ \-> Cancelled.
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