Version History

GF API Documentation
Version Jun 26, 2019/

  • Updated help file for GF API

Version Mar 21, 2014/

  • UsingUUID(String) added for using by third-party code inside OEC Trader

  • StrikeDisplayFactor introduced

  • Access to the list of CME Data Feed entitlements (DataFeedEntitlements)

  • Improved options value calculation

  • Removing bid/ask prices at the end of trading session by a signal from server

  • Fixed incorrect handling auto-added (pending) contracts on client-side

  • Fixed some issues with several simultaneous cash updates

  • Better support of multiple OEC API instances in one application

Version Dec 27, 2013/

  • Aggregated allocation block positions added: AvgPositions

Version Sep 13, 2013/

  • Margin Calculator requests introduced: RequestMarginCalculation(MarginCalculatorRequest)

  • Improved OEC exceptions: OECException

  • TrackUnhandledExceptions added

  • Enforced checking of invalid order parts before sending to server

  • Greeks price fields marked as obsolete

Version Jul 24, 2013

  • Fixed a potential issue with EUREX DOM

Version Apr 19, 2013

  • N Line Breaks

Version Jan 25, 2013

  • Continuous contracts introduced (just try to look up a symbol @ES) and your application can manage rules for building continuous chart data: SubmitContinuousContractRule(ContinuousContractRule), RequestProductCalendar(BaseContract), RemoveContinuousContractRule(ContinuousContractRule)

  • Post-allocation introduced: PostAllocate(Order, Contract, PostAllocationBlock)

  • Using current culture in price formatting

  • Improved procedure of cutting off today's fills in detailed positions

Version Dec 07, 2012

  • Fixed a bug related to recalculation of some balance values if only bid/ask of options changed

Version Jun 22, 2012

  • OSO/OCO order links will be visible inside all connected client applications without reconnection

Version Jun 1, 2012

  • Fixed a bug related to client's disconnection through Sessions Manager

  • Trailing stop delta became minticksize after manual modification

  • Minor bugfixes

Version May 18, 2012

Fixed "subscription limit reached" after reconnecting without restarting

Version Apr 20, 2012

  • Light-weight reconnect feature added: OECAPI will reconnect to OEC Server automatically without raising events OnDisconnected and OnLoginComplete, if AutoReconnect is set to "true"

  • Preventing errors in string-to-price converting for non-English cultures

  • Do not round settlement price by tick size in settlement pnl calculations (and cash as consequence)

  • API restriction added for AB orders with quantity that is not dividable by AB lots

  • Minor bugfixes

Version Feb 24, 2012

  • Added new restraint to filter out bar/tick load requests with StartTime in future

  • Fixed bug described in

Version Feb 14, 2012

  • Fixed calculation of average filled price of spread orders AvgPrice

  • Fixed property IsFilled for spread orders that returned true for partially filled spread orders with more than two legs

  • Custom logging mechanism that allows integrate OECAPI logs with your own loggers Log

  • Some optimizations for slowly loading applications

Version Oct 20, 2011

The latest versions of samples include OECAPI with bugfixes for issues like and

Version Sep 20, 2011

  • UUID introduced

  • Loading data by amount RequestBars(Contract, DateTime, Int32, SubscriptionType, Int32, Boolean) and SubscribeBars(Contract, Int32, SubscriptionType, Int32, Boolean)

  • Storing a collection of pre-defined allocation blocks on server-side: AllocationBlocks, SubmitAllocationBlocks(AllocationBlockList)